300 Entries

Well, folks… at 4:50pm pacific time today, we got our 300th registrant. Stand by for updates within the next few days on how to get on a wait-list to take the places of lifters who have to withdraw.

With the distribution of ages, it looks like some people much younger than originally thought will have to lift on Thursday and Friday. But here is some good news about that: we should be able to set the days of lifting for everyone when the meet is still months away! This will allow people to make work and travel arrangements far in advance. Expect more information on that here as well.

8 thoughts on “300 Entries”

    1. David,

      If you are viewing this page on a computer then you should see a box on the right to “Subscribe to latest updates via Email.” (The link might not be visible in mobile browsers unless you choose to “view full site” at the bottom of the mobile page.) If you sign up for those updates then you will get an Email message as soon as we post information on how to get on stand-by.

  1. Hi Mike… can I enter today? I have been competing as a master for 16 years ..I will be 69 years old and love competing against my pier group . Please let me know.

  2. I am also interested in the waitlist. I didn’t expect this meet to fill so fast. Maybe qualifying totals should be increased to ensure top lifters can enter?

    1. Kim,

      The topic of increasing qualifying totals would be a good one to raise at the annual meeting on Saturday evening. As for the wait-list, keep an eye here, as I expect to have information posted within the coming week.

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