Wait-List Priority

Once the wait-list becomes active, former National Champions and lifters who have already scored qualifying totals will have higher priority on the wait-list than lifters who have not yet qualified.

15 thoughts on “Wait-List Priority”

  1. already filled up?…bummer. I would really appreciate any kind of info for rookie lifter’s? regional clubs, tourny’s , newsletter’s etc.
    sure appreciate it! thankx, ron.

  2. I won my division at the American open and my totals meet the qualifications standard how long before we know if we are to get on the wait list

  3. It is time to hear something on the wait, and on mail in entries mailed on November 13……….please be as diligent in doing this as you were in taking unqualified entries to reach 300.

  4. Suddenly the qualifying totals are no longer on the entry list. As of December 12, there were still 30 of the 42 unqualified entries that were accepted prior to November 12 listed on that list. Now today, Decemer 17, the qualifying total column has been deleted from the list, and there is still no published Waiting List leaving MANY qualified lifters in LIMBO as to whether they will be included. Since this is significant not just for individuals, BUT for TEAMS, it needs to be adressed soon.

  5. That is one of the reason did not register had no qualifying total at the time of registration. Those who did register without qualifying total are cheaters and unsportsmanlike probably mostly crossfit practitioners. The organization makes money either way so its does not matter. I believe the way you should qualify for Nationals that each State should have a State Championship and top 3 maybe 5 should enter the Nationals like in other sports. By the way Waiting List needs an update.


  6. Just an other note, no disrespect to older Master lifter over the age 60 but they should give more room and opportunity to younger lifters to compete. Specially situations like this.


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