2 thoughts on “Wait List”

  1. Check this out! I MISSED the wait-list registration! This came into my email a week ago Sunday, but DID NOT show up in my Inbox. It went straight to trash items, since it was an “Eventbrite” solicitation for registration.

    I only discovered this email because I opened my trash for something else! How unlucky is that?

    To those responsible for the technology, please change your settings to ensure that this does NOT happen to other lifters! Or have the audacity to send a complimentary follow-up email checking for notification. Please be aware that few of us monitor our “trash” everyday for anticipated emails.

    I guess that I will NOT be competing at Nationals, after all.

    As a consolation, I have already registered for Pan-Am, where I intend to break the records. I will see you there in June.


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