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Eventbrite - 2015 National Masters Weightlifting Championships


All masters must be properly registered with USA Weightlifting as a Masters Athlete and be at least 35 years of age on or before December 31, 2015. Participants must show proof of age and of current registration in USAW at the time of weigh‐in. Minimum qualifying totals must be attained during the qualifying period (see below). The organizing committee, Masters Weightlifting, and USAW reserve the right to refuse entry.

Entry Limit

This 4-day 1-platform event is limited to 300 lifters. Once that limit is reached, lifters may add themselves to the wait-list via the on-line entry form. If we receive early cancellations, we might be able to add lifters from the stand-by list.

Qualifying Totals

Qualifying totals for this meet are equal to those used for the 2014 Pan-Am Masters. We have listed the men’s qualifying totals and the women’s qualifying totals. These totals must have been successfully lifted in a USAW-sanctioned competition between April 4, 2014, and March 5, 2015. Exception: Lifters who have previously won a Masters National Championship are exempt from the requirement to achieve a qualifying total. Note that all lifters (including former champions) must register before we reach our 300-lifter limit!

Drug Testing and Doping Control

Pursuant to the rules of USA Masters Weightlifting, these championships are a drug-tested event. The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will be under contract to handle all testing-related procedures. The number of tests administered will depend on the number of entries received for the championships. Of each entry received, $25 is allocated to the contracted costs with USADA.

Entry Process

  1. Read the Official Entry Agreement.
  2. Register on-line.

Team captains should also register on-line.

Eventbrite - 2015 National Masters Weightlifting Championships

Paper Entry

As an alternative to on-line entry, competitors can download, print, fill out, and mail — after finding envelopes and stamps — this PDF version of the Information and Entry Form, or they can use the version from the Masters Newsletter (the issue dated October, 2014).

Entry deadline is March 5, 2015.

Proof of Entry

Athletes must have proof of on-line entry or of having mailed Entry Form to Meet Director. If mailing in Entry Form, send it Certified (PS Form 3800) and Returned Receipt (PS Form 3811) or enclose a self‐addressed, postage paid card with your entry for confirmation. If Meet Director does not receive Entry Form and athlete does not have Return Receipt, athlete will not be permitted to compete. An athlete who submits a valid entry and does not show may be subject to disciplinary action per USAW Rule Book Article 317.2.3.E.

Competition Details

Men’s weight classes 56, 62, 69, 77, 85, 94, 105, 105+
Women’s weight classes 48, 53, 58, 63, 69, 75, 75+
Age groups Masters Standard 35 – 39, 40 – 44, 45 – 49, etc.
Weigh-in All weigh‐ins will take place at the Courtyard-Marriott competition site. Weight Checks will be available at the hotel at all times leading up to and throughout the competition.
Final Team Rosters Team rosters must be in the hand of the Competition Secretary at the Technical Conference at the Courtyard-Marriott no later than 7:30pm, April 8.
Individual Awards Medals will be presented to first, second, and third for totals only in each age / weight class. Men’s and Women’s best lifter awards will be given in each age group based on the Sinclair and Meltzer‐Malone age and body weight formulas. The Grand Master Awards for men and women will be based upon the highest Sinclair and Meltzer‐Malone age and body weight correction formulas on Age Group winners only.
Team Awards Team awards will be presented for first, second, and third (male and female). Team must be registered for 2015, and USAW and all lifters’ cards must indicate appropriate team membership.
Saunas There are no saunas at the competition venue, but some locations in the vicinity (not affiliated with the event) do have saunas.
Schedule The exact lifting schedule will not be determined until one week after the entry deadline (and four weeks prior to the event). The expectation is that the oldest lifters will compete on Thursday, April 9, and the youngest will compete on Sunday, April 12. The remaining entries will be divided to balance the number and sizes of sessions throughout the weekend. Check the Schedule Tab above for the most recent scheduling information.
Medals Medals will be presented after the snatch of the following session (except for the final session of each day).

32 thoughts on “Entry Information”

  1. I see the big disclaimer, so how accurate is the qualifying totals info? Is that just filler for now? I ask because Pan-Am qualifying totals seem like a pretty big barrier to entry considering the USA entries in each of the past 2 Pan-Ams total only around 150 lifters.

    1. Andrew,

      While I have not yet proofread the numbers in the tables, the US Masters Weightlifting Board did, indeed, designate the Pan-Am totals as the qualifying target. I will post updates if that requirement should change in the months leading up to the Championships (though I have received no indication that any change is being considered).

    1. George,

      At the annual meeting of USA National Masters this past spring in Shreveport, LA, the membership and board of directors recognized that the 2015 meet had the potential to enroll more lifters than could be handled in the weekend allotted for the event. For this reason, they set a 300-lifter limit on the meet.

      The qualifying totals improve the chance that the meet will feature the top Masters lifters in the country … and not just the fastest 300 to sign up.

  2. Please keep the qualifying totals. It’s the National Championships and people should have to work to get there. Otherwise we have local meets and the Master’s American Open.
    The qualifying totals are only barriers to the novice or recreational lifter and that is not what a National Championship is about. There is plenty of time between now and March 5th to get serious about lifting.

  3. I have a question/concern about the venue arrangement and location of the attempts table. At 2012 AM Masters, I was told to give my next attempts at the table in the warm-up room and not at the announcer/scoring desk in the competition room. That made it difficult to stay near the competition platform and follow the lifts without running back and forth after my first attempt to the warm-up room to provide or change my attempts. Are you planning on this same arrangement? If so, would you consider enabling the lifters to give their next attempts in the competition room? This was awkward and did not help the lifters.

    1. Bill,

      Thank you for raising your concern. The current plan is to use the same system this year as we used in the 2012 American Masters. Between the video feed to the warm-up area and the short 25-foot walk, most coaches had no problems with the arrangement. Were you reporting your own changes to the marshals, or did you have a coach working with you?

      1. I don’t have a coach, hence the problem of walking back and forth to the room between attempts. Try it yourself during competition! It is crowded in the corridor and entry way! Lots of people standing around blocking the path.

        1. Here is the problem of having the attempt table so far away from the competition room: Let’s assume I’m following myself after my 1st attempt, which is quite likely for me in LA 2015. I make my first attempt and then the 2 minute clock starts. I have to run to the back room to give my 2nd attempt while the clock is running down, then run back to the platform to start before the time runs out. I lose significant time getting to the back room before I can tell someone my 2nd attempt weight! Why can’t this be changed to help the lifters?

          1. Bill,

            Thanks again for noting the issue you have with the arrangement. I will make sure that the competition secretary is also aware of the concern.

  4. Hey Michael!

    If I just qualified at 69kg class am I able to compete in 63kg class in April or do I have to requalify as a 63?

    Thanks! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

    1. Zionna,

      There is no need to qualify again at the lighter weight. Once you qualified at 69 kg then you are ready to enter. If you decide later to go down in weight class to the 63s, just make sure to make that change before (or at) the technical meeting on Wednesday evening, April 8! (You can go UP in weight class even as late as weigh-in for your session.)

  5. Apparently, my mailed entry on 11-10 has not reached you or been processed as of 11-12 yet with 296 entries shown on your list. Assuming I did not meet the 300 “Spartans” list, will you refund my $85 please? I will have to set a national master’s record in San Francisco or elsewhere I guess!

    Bill Brian

  6. Why the single platform this year? Maybe I missed that note but I thought last years LSU format was great and worked well. I also agree with where you make the attempts, needing to be in a sensible place. For a lot of us east coast folks we may not have a coach with us so please please please allow for these circumstances.

    1. Christopher,

      The single platform is a restriction we have due to the space available in the hotel ballroom in which the lifting takes place. This is also why the meet was approved last spring to be a 4-day event (so that we can get 300 lifters through the event).

    1. Julio,

      Yes, with PanAm Masters scheduled for June 5-7, this meet should be within the normal qualifying period. And totals in this meet can act as qualifiers for both PanAm Masters and World Masters (and also next year’s National Masters).

  7. Sadly, I missed the entry by a couple of hours. I am dissappointed that there is not an “immediate” wait list to sign-up as an alternate for “closed” registration, first come-first served. Further, I competed and won Best Lifter at American Nationals 2 weeks ago, yet I am unable to register for Nationals which has an entry deadline of March 5th – still 4 months away. Also, I am on a Masters team who needs my participation for the competition. Lastly, I hold the National records, yet I am unable to participate due to registration cut-offs just 8 weeks after the entry registration started. Please advise.
    Elizabeth Brown, Missouri Valley Masters

  8. Like Bill Brian I mailed my entry, only I mailed it on November 13. When I went to the entry board I found 42 entrants who have NOT qualified YET! That means 42 highly qualified lifters have been forced back for people who have NOT qualified. To be valid, and entrant should NOT be entered until they make the qualifying totals. THAT is the purpose of QUALIFYING TOTALS! So whether my entry makes it in time to be one of the 42, Bill Brian and Elizabeth should be, and those who are NOT YETQUALIFIED put on the waiting list. THEY SHOULD HAVE QUALIFIED SOONER!

  9. Where or how does one sign-up for the wait list. Do we send in the paper entry form with the entry fee? And if one doesn’t get moved up to the active list will the money be refunded?

    Please explain the process. Thank you in advance for clarifiying.

  10. There is a great opportunity to get some cheap flights into Ca. When will start times be posted so we can book flights and take advantage of the early discounts?

  11. Hi! I’m all registered and ready to compete! It’s my first National competition and the first time I’m traveling out of state to compete!
    I see that you won’t release the schedule but that the youngest group is going on Sunday. Does that mean that we need to still be there Thursday to weigh in and wait until Sunday? Or can we come Friday and weigh in Saturday? I just want to book my hotel and flight, and waiting until one month out will significantly affect the prices.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Courtney,

      You do not need to show up until the scheduled time of your weigh-in. Note that if you need to go DOWN a weight class, you must notify the meet director or competition secretary by the time of the Technical Conference on Wednesday evening. (It is OK to go UP in weight class at the time of weigh-in, but you must show up for weigh-in of your registered class. If you do not make weight at that weigh-in then you can return for weigh-in of the heavier class … if it is at a different time.)

    1. Doug,

      We have not arranged any professional videotaping for the meet. We plan to stream the competition platform live from a static camera, and more information on that should come out this weekend, but this would not be considered “professional” level.

  12. I’d like to know some simple stuff like are the weight classes for the men’s class of 67 years old given in kilograms. I weigh 167. So I take it I would be in the 77kg class?
    Also the qualifying lift is that also in kg? I believe its 107 x 2.2 =235 but i am confused. Can someone explain this to me please?

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