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Entry deadline is March 5, 2015.
Minimum qualifying totals required.
Entry is non-refundable.

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Please enter me in the 2015 National Masters Weightlifting Championships. I certify that I am a USAW athlete in good standing and that I have met all requirements for entry into this competition. In consideration of my entry in the competition I do hereby waive and release the USA Weightlifting Federation (USAW), the Southern Pacific LWC (SPLWC), USA Masters Weightlifting (USAMW), TEAM CrossFit Academy (TCA) and its owners, directors, officers, officials, and agents, Courtyard Marriott Hotel, the meet director, and competition personnel, volunteers, and all other related parties from damages or losses suffered or incurred by me in connection with my travel to and from the meet and my participation in the competition and related activities; except that the forgoing waiver and release shall not apply to injuries, damages, and loss resulting from gross negligence or intentional misconduct of USAW, USAMW, SPLWC, or TCA, nor to bodily injuries or medical expenses to the extent covered by accident, death, dismemberment, and/or loss of sight and medical reimbursement policies maintained by USAW.

I agree that USAW, USAMW, SPLWC, TCA, and their agents (including competition personnel and volunteers) may make judgments with appropriate input from available medical personnel as to my treatment, hospitalization or other medical care in the event of my illness or accidental injury in connection with my participation in the competition should I be disabled or incompetent to make necessary and appropriate decisions concerning such treatment, hospitalization or other care. I authorize USAMW, USAW, SPLWC, TCA, and their agents (including competition personnel and volunteers) to make decisions for me as though they stood in a relationship to me of parent, guardian, or next of kin should circumstances require the aforementioned to make judgments provided that my next of kin cannot timely and/or conveniently be contacted to participate in the making of such judgments. I hereby release and agree to hold USAMW, USAW, SPLWC, TCA, and their agents (including competition personnel and volunteers) harmless for all expenses, causes of action, liability, claims, and demands arising from good faith judgments made by the aforementioned concerning my treatment, hospitalization, and medical care in the event of my illness, injury, and/or other emergency circumstances in connection with the competition.

I agree that I will be financially responsible for the treatment, hospitalization, and other medical care received by me in the event of my illness, injury, and/or other emergency circumstances in connection with the competition except to the extent my injury and medical expenses, if any, are covered by accidental death, dismemberment, loss of sight, and medical reimbursement policies, in which event I will nevertheless continue to be financially responsible for expenses of treatment, hospitalization, and other medical care in excess of such policies’ limits.

I agree to be filmed and photographed under conditions approved and authorized by USAMW, USAW, SPLWC, and TCA to include the use of my name, biological information, public appearances, interviews, photographs, portraits, motion pictures, and television recordings of my weightlifting performances, and I grant to USAMW, USAW, SPLWC, and TCA the right to record and make use of the same and to authorize others to do so in promoting the competition and the success of the weightlifting team on which I compete, to promote the image of USAMW, USAW, SPLWC, and TCA, its sponsors, advertisers, and the sport of Olympic Weightlifting, and to fund the activities of the National Masters Program.

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4 thoughts on “Entry Agreement”

    1. Ron,

      Here are a couple of suggestions on how to get started in

      1. Find a facility with the necessary equipment for weightlifting. USA Weightlifting has a list of member clubs on their site.
      2. Get in touch with some of the clubs in your area and find out what experienced coaching options they have for beginning lifters.

      There are some on-line (self-taught) resources available as well if you do a search for “beginning olympic weightlifting.”

  1. I mailed in my entry on Monday 11-10 and noticed that you have 296 entries already as of 3:42pm on 11-12 and my name is not yet on your list. So, if I don’t make your cut, will you refund my $85 entry fee? Please advise me on this!

    Bill Brian

    1. Bill,

      For fairness to those who used (on-time) paper submissions like yours, entries that were postmarked prior to November 12 will be added to the start list, and we will not draw from any (upcoming) stand-by lists until the number of active entries drops below 300 (due to cancellations).

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