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If I do not turn 35 until my birthday in 2015, can I use a competition in 2014 to attain my qualifying total?

Yes … as long as the competition took place within the qualifying period, it satisfies the qualifying requirement.

Can lifts in AAU competitions be used to satisfy the necessary qualifying totals?

Qualifying lifts must be made in USAW-sanctions meets. Lifts in AAU competitions may be used ONLY IF the competition is also sanctioned by USAW.

If I qualify based on being a former National Champion, do I still have to use the minimum opening lifts for my age and weight at National Masters?

Yes. All lifters must open with a total snatch + clean & jerk within 10 kg (for women) or 15 kg (for men) of the qualifying total.

If my lifts in the National Masters do not total at least the qualifying amount, am I still eligible for a medal?

Yes. As long as you successfully complete at least one snatch and one clean & jerk, you are eligible for placement.

Can I register for the meet if I have not yet posted a qualifying total?

No, you cannot register before posting a qualifying total unless you are a former National Champion.

If I qualify and register at a particular weight and then later want to compete in a different weight class, can I change the registration to the new weight?

Yes, once you qualify for any weight class, you will be able to compete in different class, but you will have to use the minimum opening lifts for that new class.

Why do I get a number substantially less than 300 when I add the number of lifters on the Received Entries list to the number of registration spots still available on the Registration Form?

Not being sure how many people would use the on-line entry method and how many would prefer to mail in entries, we have initially withheld about 90 spots for use by those without Internet access (or confidence) to give them a chance to mail paper entries that they get from the Masters Newsletter. Through the month of October and into early November, we will return batches of those to the on-line availability on a regular basis. But for about the first month, we do not want to give too much of an advantage to the “wired” lifters.

Where can I get a list of sanctioned events in my area that I can use to qualify for National Masters?

Events listed on the this USA Weightlifting page all serve to qualify for the 2015 National Masters Championships (provided they occur within the qualifying period). Make sure to check that list regularly, as competitions can get added to it with as little as ten days’ notice.

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    1. Bob,

      All events listed at USA Weightlifting are sanctioned and meet the qualifying requirements. We do not have an easy way to filter out just the California events, so you will have to scan the list for one near you.

      And make sure to check that list regularly, as competitions can get added to it with as little as ten days’ notice.

  1. How do the Sinclair Totals work?
    I’ve been to the website and downloaded a spreadsheet but still can’t get it.
    This is my second meet ever.
    Really really happy with my first one so going for it again. I noticed that there are the Pan American Masters weightlifting competition but can’t figure out what my total needs to be to qualify.
    According to the table my weight and age is 39 and 90kg.
    Im currently throwing a total of 193
    If the Games where this year then it needs to be a 202KG total.
    The games are next year and I turn 40
    If I’m 40 next year even though my bday is in June will I still qualify under the 40-44 category?
    Thank you.
    Reuben Zuazua

    1. Reuben,
      For the Formula totals in Masters weightlifting, you take your total lifted in a competition (for example, 193 kg) and multiply that by the coefficient for your body weight of 90 kg (1.162950) and then by the coefficient for your age of 39 years (1.125). This gives a formula total of 252.5055, which is used to compare your performance with those of other lifters in the meet.

      The formula total determines the top lifter in each 5-year age group and also the Grand Master for the tournament. Medal positions in each age-group / weight-class category are determined without applying the formula corrections.

    2. Reuben,

      In order to qualify, you must make the total for your weight class that corresponds to the age you will be in 2015. This can be done anytime in the qualifying period, even if you are not yet 40 years old. So a 90 kg lifter who will be 40 years old in 2015, must make a total of 192 kg in any USAW-sanctioned competition during the qualifying period … even if that lifter scores the total in 2014, when he is only 39 years old.

  2. If you reach 300 bona fide entries before March 5th, will you go ahead and release a tentative lifting schedule, allowing us to plan our travel early?

    1. Clay,

      Yes: as soon as we know the appropriate distribution of lifters, we will decide the days on which each group will lift. With how quickly the meet is filling up, this should give competitors and coaches a long lead-time to make travel arrangements.

    1. Stephanie,

      If you are viewing this page on a computer then you should see a box on the right to “Subscribe to latest updates via Email.” (The link might not be visible in mobile browsers unless you choose to “view full site” at the bottom of the mobile page.) If you sign up for those updates then you will get an Email message as soon as we post information on how to get on stand-by.

  3. I am rehabing a shoulder injury. If I can not make my recovery goals, is there a date by which I should pull out of the competition to not have broken any no-show rules?

    1. Jennifer,

      You have until the time of the Technical Conference on Wednesday night to withdraw from the meet (or, really, up until weigh-in if some misfortune should suddenly befall you).

  4. If arriving on Thursday April 9 and competing on Friday the 10th, will I still be able to change weight classes if I do not make my registered weight during weigh in on the 10th? Please advise.

    1. Charlie,

      You will be able to move UP in weight classes as late as your weigh-in. If you might need to go DOWN in weight class then you need to notify the meet director by the time of the Wednesday evening Technical Conference.

  5. Hi,
    Apologies if this is somewhere else and I missed it, but if I’m looking to change to a lower weight class, is it possible to do that before the technical meeting, and if so, how? If not, is it possible to have someone at the technical meeting represent me and make that change?
    Thank you!

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