If all is working properly, you can watch live action from the main platform during the competition. Note that advertisements you see in the stream (if any) are posted by Ustream and do not benefit the organizers of the event.

Live streaming video by Ustream

13 thoughts on “Live”

    1. I watched. I participated. And I acknowledge that doing so would have been impossible without the hard work of so many volunteers. Thank you all. Loading is hard work… These folks did so all day each day: THANK YOU!

      1. Julio,
        There was so much great lifting this weekend … including by you! And you are absolutely right that the loaders kept everything moving at an excellent pace. I had some fun watching the two sides compete against each other to complete their loadings before the others did their own.

  1. This stream is fantastic! Audio and video quality is truly supurb! Any chance staff could set up a couple chairs with some tape just in front of the camera rig? Between sets, it seems that folks are walking (or standing) right in front of the camera. They are apparently oblivious to the fact that they obscuring the entire shot. Just a thought… “Down in front!” 🙂

  2. Anybody know if the stream is working today? I just have a black screen and the session should have started at 1:30

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