Received Entries

This list of received entries gets updated manually, so it could take up to two days for any particular entry to show up on the page.

The stand-by list also gets updated manually. If spots come available, qualified lifters will be offered entry opportunities in the order of this list.

6 thoughts on “Received Entries”

  1. Hello Michael,

    When I originally signed up on the waiting list, it said an email would be sent out with a questionnaire for updating the order of the wait list…

    I am currently in the 125 spot on the waiting list.

    I podium’ed last year at the Masters Nationals in Shreveport in the Mens 69kg class placing 2nd. Will this be taken into consideration? Are updated Totals being taken into consideration as well?

    Please let me know, Thank You!

    Michael Foster
    Asylum Barbell Club

    1. Michael,

      We sent out the questionnaire to about the first 30 or 40 lifters on the wait-list. If it should appear that we were able to go further than that then we would have sent it to another batch of lifters on that list.

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