Technical Conference

Wednesday, April 8, 7:30pm. This conference will take place at the competition venue. An athlete may at the technical conference increase or decrease his or her weight class. A lifter may increase weight class after the technical conference but MUST report to the weigh-in for the lower weight class in order to change upward. If there are any questions about this ruling, please contact the meet director or your National Masters chairman.


Schedule and Start List

The preliminary schedule and preliminary start list are now available on the Masters Weightlifting web site. Note that times are subject to change until the Technical Conference on Wednesday evening, April 8. Thanks to the tremendous number of new masters lifting this year, the days on which each age group will lift has shifted to earlier in the competition for many of the experienced lifters. Here is the overall lifting schedule for the 2015 National Masters:

Day Age Groups
Thursday, April 9 Men 60 years and older;
Women 50 years and older
Friday, April 10 Men 45 to 59 years old;
Women 45 to 49 years old
Saturday, April 11 Men 40 to 44 years old;
Women 40 to 44 years old
Sunday, April 12 Men 35 to 39 years old;
Women 35 to 39 years old

See the Masters Weightlifting web site for preliminary times and start lists.

Note that the exact lifting times, even once we publish a proposed schedule, are subject to change and will not be finalized until the technical conference on Wednesday night. The day on which anyone lifts is NOT subject to change, but the hour of the day that any group will lift may be adjusted until the Wednesday night Technical Conference. That is, you can be sure of your lifting date, but not your lifting hours (until Wednesday night).

18 thoughts on “Schedule”

  1. What happens if a lifter has won a past Master’s Championship, but does not total at this meet the minium Qualifyinbg total. does he /she still get award if finishes 1-3rd.
    Thank you!

    1. Victor,
      I have not heard anything from USA Masters to indicate that a lifter would have to hit at least the qualifying total to qualify for a medal. If I get word to the contrary, I will post information on this site.

  2. Are you going to follow tradition and schedule the women first on Thursday and probably Friday, and then the men starting with the oldest, working to the very youngest on Sunday, or are you planning some other format?

    1. Clay it is critical for you to get there and total…..under this new format there are ONLY eight team members there, and for us to repeat we must get as many points as possible from all of you. Good Luck!

    1. Jeremy,

      You will be able to move UP in weight classes as late as your weigh-in. If you might need to go DOWN in weight class then you need to notify the meet director by the time of the Wednesday evening Technical Conference.

  3. On the Master’s Website under the preliminary schedule it lists session 9 as including the 94Kg class 55-59 age group, but under the start list by session tab, it lists the 94Kg men 55-59 age group in session 7. Which way did you mean it to be? I kinda think you meant for them to be in session 7 since without them there would only be 12 guys in that class, and then session 9 would go from 18 to 21 guys. Thanks, Ol’ eagle eyed Clay

    1. Clay,

      Thanks for catching that! You are correct that the 94 kg M55 lifters should be listed (only) in Session #7. (Right now on the “Preliminary Schedule” page, they show up in both Session #7 and Session #9.) We will get that updated shortly.

  4. So males 45 at 105kg changed again after the meeting? It was revised at meeting to a 7:30 lift and now again to 6:30 as shown online?

    1. Julio,
      If i recall correctly, there was a typo the first time that session got rescheduled but the competition secretary fixed it before the end of the meeting. The 6:30pm start is the only time that got published.

    1. Dave,
      Yes, the links near the top of the page all lead to the final schedule. When I get a few minutes, I might remove all references to “preliminary schedule,” but that might not happen … even by the end of the meet. 🙂

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