Numerous airports serve the Southern California area. In order of convenience of access to Monrovia (based primarily on LA-traffic driving time to the competition venue), we suggest the following:

While nearly all domestic carriers offer service into LAX, you should consult your preferred carrier for fares and flight availability to each airport. The primary airport for coast-to-coast flyers will be LAX. Neither the competition hotel nor the organizers provide shuttle service to or from airports.

Car rental

The airports above are served by all major car rental companies. Consult your preferred rental agency for costs and availability.

Taxi Service

Taxi service between airports and Monrovia can run anywhere from $50 to $100 each way depending on traffic and the number of passengers. We recommend that people who are not renting cars either negotiate a flat rate trip to Monrovia or use one of the Airport Shuttle Services below.

Airport Shuttle Service

SuperShuttle, Prime Time Shuttle, and numerous other companies provide commercial door-to-door airport shuttle service.


Amtrak and Metro Link serve several cities within Southern California, but they do not have service directly to Monrovia.

Public transport

For details on bus and light rail services within Los Angeles County, visit

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